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Active wasps !!

Has anybody else still got active wasp nests in their gardens ? I work in a large garden and we have had five nests that I know about this year, as well as two in the loft .. A bumper crop you might say ! But we still have one active nest !! I've never known one go on for so long ! Anybody else ?


  • Hi Pete, There are still a lot of wasps arround but I think mainly queens looking for hibernating places.

    I saw a peacock butterfly yesterday. It was warm in the sunshine but still frosty in the shade.

  • Hi Pam .. I've seen a few queens too but this is a nest inside a thick fir hedge ! It's nice to see nature still at work this time of year but also worried in case it gets caught out by a frost or two !
  • I've got honey bees in my chimney, and one was out today investigating the winter jasmine flowers. Haven't seen any wasps for a while.

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