Buddleja 'Buzz' revisited

As already mentioned in a recent post, I bought three buddleja 'buzz' plug plants last spring. The grew like bamboo and flowered. I successfully took cuttings and they are about 8in high, giving me the 'V' sign. I fear they are going to grow 'leggy' too.

How do I get them nice and bushy like the one on page 120 in Decembers GW mag?



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    prune back in spring to just above a couple of buds on each stem, that will double the number of stems. Next time cut each of the new stems back to a couple of buds and it will double again

  • OK thanks guys,

  • I have several of the Buzzes! I take about a third off about now then cut down to healthy new growth in Spring, leaving about 3 to 6" on the stems. They will get bushier every year.

    I have had them in large pots for 3 years now, and in the garden for just a year and I do find that they grow much more vigorously in the garden. Also my garden planted Buzzes produced many more flowers, and for a longer period than the potted plants. They were one of the very last plants in flower this October.

    The other thing worth noting is that they easily form strong new plants from cuttings. I just nip off a fresh new silvery bud when they are a couple of inches long, and stick it in all purpose compost and they grow away quickly.

    Interestingly I have never had any success with the ivory buzz, but the magentas and blues are strong plants for me.

  • Thanks Lancashire Lass

    Interesting what you say about the cuttings, my white one, the cutting just rotted but the magenta ones shot up, I was very encouraged how they took.

    Sadly the blue never made it to adulthood, the plug plant just gave up.

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    Hmmmm, another possibility for the front border image

    No-one knows if you've done your housework, but everyone knows if you've done your gardening !
  • They are superb butterfly attracters! And because they flower mid to late Summer and into Autumn, they bring insects into the garden when many other plants have stopped blooming.

  • I have one of these - but think it may have been mislabelled!

    Planted it ito my border this year and it was over 6ft tall - will need to rehome it somewhere more suitable as the flowers looked and smelled lovely, and were covered in beneficial insects!

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