brompton stocks

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I'm reading a lot of conflicting advice about planting these out.  Has anyone planted them in the border over winter and how hardy where they. I don't want to take up room in the greenhouse if it's not nescessary. I've not grown them before.


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    I don't know if mine were Brompton, but they were stocks and they didn't make it. The only stock I have ever successfully grown was the annual night scented one. And they weren't that good.

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    Brompton Stocks are grown as perennials but need winter protection in most parts of the UK - I'd keep them in a cool greenhouse.  

    They used sometimes to be brought on to flower in the winter by keeping them in a heated greenhouse - providing gorgeous scented flowers through the winter for decorating the Big House.  

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  • izzy8izzy8 Posts: 79

    I love the scent of these when I'm in the supermarket, so I thought I'd try growing them. At the moment they're against the house wall in 3"pots. I've not tested my soil, one of the things I never get round to, but I grow Rhododendrons and also a lot of Dianthus and they are all healthy.

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    I grow them and for me they're short lived perennials. I too leave them out over the winter time in a well drained flower bed and have one with a couple of small flowers now. I like the shape and colour of their leaves even if they're not in flower.

    In late winter/early spring they'll give good colour and flowers with a lovely scent. I usually grow a Bromptom mix. I've grown them in pots although they've not done as well as in the ground 'tho they are more sheltered.

  • Ahhhhhh!! Bromton stocks, ostrich plume asters, London pride, golden rod, calendulas.....Memories!   image

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