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Moving a Hydrangea

I have just moved house and the garden needs some attention, I want to move a Hydrangea its about 18inches high and is overshadowed by another bush, can I move it, when and howimage


  • Samuel.Samuel. Posts: 11

    You should be able to move it by the end of this month or during as long as the soil isn't frozen. To be safe cut a circle of about a foot or so around the plant starting vertical and then slope gently until you reach directly under the plant, a spades depth should do it so around half a foot to a foot. Once you have done this start again in your already formed circle although this time lift a bit as in lean back on your spade just a bit at a time until the rootball is lose. Im pretty sure you can do it bare root as in without a root ball of soil around it, but just to be safe and in case any fiborus roots might be damaged. Then gently lift the whole root ball out and depending on variety place in its new home. If it is a mophead I believe they need a good bit of sun but arborescens and paniculata dont mind a bit of shade in fact I believe arborescens prefers it....but I'm not a hundred percent.

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