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Winter Squash

Hi everyone.


Three questions for everyone. 


One - Do you add farm manure to your soil before planting winter squash? I am planning on doing it next year and i am not to sure. As far as i no you do but i am just looking to see if anyone can confirm it for me.. thanks


Two - how many pea shoots does it take to wight a 50g bag


Three - how many parsley plants does it take to make a 50g bag. (10 seeds per pot)


Any help will be very helpful... thanks


  • Hi Sean, Squash are greedy feeders so adding well-rotted manure (or any good general purpose fertiliser) to the planting position will really help them to grow well.  Don't use fresh manure though - compost that first.  I can't answer the other questions.

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  • Thanks bob, that is what i thought, i just needed to to be confirmed image 

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