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Tropaeoleum Azureum

DinahDinah Posts: 294

I have a Tropaeolum Azureum (hope that's how it is spelt) growing in a pot on a fairly shady window ledge in my kitchen. It has the most fine and delicate little leaves on cotton-thread wide stems that have scrambled up a twig. The leaves are very small indeed, mostly less than half a cm. across, but they are quite prolific, and though the stems are fine they seem quite strong. The foliage has taken the form of a small, feathery cloud, about 20cm high at the tallest point. I have heard that these plants grow bigger, but mine seems to like being very small, and it hasn't flowered after two years of growth (starting from seed).

I do love the plant, so I would hate to do anything that might kill it off! Perhaps someone knows how I might safely encourage it to grow bigger and to flower?

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