christmas cactus wont flower

Hi my friend  who lives in a care home got a christmas cactus   a few  weeks ago, but even though the plant is very healthy and green with lots of  pink shoots ready to flower they have just dropped off, why has this happened is it tt  warm for the plant please help ? 


  • Could be. They need lots of light but preferably not direct sun. They also need a feed about this time as they're using a lot of energy flowering. But careful not to overwater, as this can also stress them out. Very little water in general and let compost almost dry out in between waterings. never let it stand in water. It also won't like being near a radiator. Hope this helps!

  • Sometimes just moving one of these makes all the buds drop off. They hate draughts. Good advice above, it will grow new buds eventually!

  • SFordSFord Posts: 224

    My friend gifted me a tiny christmas cactus a couple of years ago and now its HUGE!  Its in my conservatory (very light and with full sun and very hot in the summer) and when the heating is off overnight in winter it does get cold.  However, the flowers on it earlier this year were absolutely spectatular and lasted a good few months (it did not flower at Christmas though, more like March!).  I stand it in a bowl of water for about a hour, once a week or when I remember.  The only problem I have is with red spider mite, but other than that, it doesnt really seem bothered by my general neglect!

  • I have heard, like Landgirl, that just moving them causes bud drop. It will come back next year though.

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    We over watered ours and it dropped all the flowers and buds.  Devastated because it was absolutely smothered in both.  We'd put it outside during the summer months and just let it get on with it.  When I brought it back in I was worried about it drying out and obviously over did it.  We've bought another one but hopefully the original will recover for next year.

  • Mine thrive on neglect!  But landgirl is right, draughts are fatal.  They don't all flower at Christmas - my red one flowers nearer Easter, and all the surplus rooted bits I took to France now thrive in a trough left out in the sunshine through the summer and only brought indoors in November, out of the cold.  It is easier to kill by overwatering.  Cuttings (bits off the ends of shoots) root by simply sticking in the pot - it's easy to end up with far too many.

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