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    No.  They're after your juicy worms all year and then have a burst of mate hunting and spring and another burst when the young leave home to set up their own territory.  No-one has ever been able to tell me that they are in any way useful. 

    I get them running through the roots of treasures in the veggie plot and fruit beds as well as undermining the ornamental shrubs and perennials and making the lawn look like trench warfare with its system of collapsed tunnels making it uncomfortable to walk on and mow.  

    Here I can buy and use a "détaupeur" which is effective but you can't in the UK.  I tried human traps but they just tossed them out of their runs or went round.

    Call in a professional mole catcher.

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  • Thank you for your advice, Obelisk.  I think I shall have to try windmills even though I tried them before, but obviously from what I have read they need to be quite large.  We have exactly the same problem and I discover they have been "at it" underneath large shrubs so now spend most of my time looking under bushes, etc.  We have a mini-orchard and before going on holiday I noticed some hills there - goodness knows what I shall find on my return!

    It very well may have to be a professional mole catcher ....

  • Dave HumbyDave Humby HampshirePosts: 1,142

    I had some success with Sork Bulbs although I've seen others say they had no effect. For a small outlay and easy application they might be worth a go. Moles are like most territorial animals, if you remove them then another will take it's place.

  • We have a detauper which works well but elderflower flowers mixed with water and left to ferment for 3 weeks creates a hell of a stink. It is a bio friendly way of keeping moles at bay. Once you have found the hole pour down half a litre (or less) of the mix and this should do the trick. Unfortunately the detauper cannot always be used. Some of our mole hills are near a pipe so use the bio method. We too have problems with them under the veggie garden.

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  • We have just returned from our holiday and lo and behold, 10 large hills in the lawn, well - it can hardly be called a lawn any more.  The orchard hills seem quite quiet, but I noticed some "movement" in the border of the garden.  Looks like it has come back, so thinking hats are needed, and will keep you up to date.

    The elderflower mix might be worth a try.  At present we are too tired to do anything, but I will come back with any results over the next few days/weeks.

  • Just to say that we have disposed of the mole, but not until he had caused even more devastation.  It was by the old method of a mole scissor trap.  Whether the chillies made him a bit woozy I don't know but at last we are free of moles for a while (maybe three years like last time).

    The only problem now is getting rid of all the rats (including 9 babies) which have appeared in their stead!

    Gardening is fascinating isn't it?!!


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