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Talkback: How to sow tomato seeds in coir pellets

Glad I watched this video, just brought some coir pellets and I'm going to use them this year instead of seedling compost....just to see if I can get a better crop this year....I like the idea of no root disturbance when planting on, maybe I do will better this year than last, here's hoping!


  • Jane RJane R Posts: 1
    The instructions on my mini propagator complete with coir pellets said to cover with vermiculite and leave in a well-lit place. Did that before watching this video. Hope I didn't get it wrong....
  • Also doing my tomatoes chillis and peppers in these little coir pellets. My instructions also said to not exclude light so here's hoping !
  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 30,004

    I have sown individual seeds of 2 kinds of tomatoes and some kashmiri chillies in these pellets this year and so far I have 100% germination of the tomatoes and 50% of the chillies.  I didn't cover these seeds with vermiculite and I put the little trays on a radiator cover for gentle bottom heat.

    Now wev'e had all this snow and Siberian winds they're having to stay on window sills and be turned every day as my unheated greenhouse is positively arctic but things should warm up int ime for them to be potted on and put in there.

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