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Campanulas in hanging baskets

I have two small hanging baskets each with campanulas in  them. They have now stopped flowering. Should I put the baskets in my greenhouse to shield from frost? or will they be ok outdoors all winter?


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    Do you know what sort of campanulas they are? There are hardy and not so hardy ones

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  • I'm afraid I have no idea! I bought them at a local nursery in the summer, already planted in hanging baskets. They have no identification tag. I am a complete amateur at this and all I can tell you is that they are a kind of blue-mauve colour. I realise that's probably not very helpful!

  • Do a search of campanula online and you'll get photos of many of them.

    You may be able to recognize the one. I suspect it may be C. poscharskyana  as this is a trailing one.

    they're all beautiful and mostly hardy but would not want the soil to freeze which is the problem with a hanging pot - so little soil!


  • If they're Campanua poscharskyana then they are hardy when in the ground, but as carexcarex says, I'd not want the roots to freeze too hard, so I'd take them down and pop them in a cold greenhouse.  Keep them on the dry side of damp.  

    In the spring when you notice the first signs of growth cut them back to about 3 inches and give them a dose of general fertiliser.  They'll soon be back just as beautiful as before. 

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