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planting under laurels

Hi can anyone offer any suggestions please? We have some quite large laurels and the ground underneath is very dry and constantly in shade (thre is a 6 foot wall behind it also - have tried several plants there but without any luck. Would like some perrenials and ground cover if possible to fill a fairly large gap. Any suggestions please?


  • periwinkle   seems to grow anywhere   but can get a bit out of control if not carfull 

  • Have got periwinkle in other shady areas - would like something different if possible so would welcome other ideas but if not may have to have some more periwinkle. Thanks for the idea though.

  • I have large clumps of marjoram growing along the base of my laurel hedge. It seems to do ok and is always alive with bees in the summer.

  • Foxgloves, bluebells and ferns grow under mine - I've not had much success with anything else though!

  • Samuel.Samuel. Posts: 11

    The dead nettles are usefull in dry shade, they have quite long roots and send them deep down for a bit of moisture. Try Lamium Orvala or I have a feeling Tellima otherwise known as Fringecup does okay but it may require a little bit more organic matter or leaf mould of anything you have to beef the soil up a bit. Asarum European is a wonderfull little ground cover plant aswell though again it may need a little help in the way of soil. I think someone wrote a whole book on dry shade recently Graham Rice .... I think.... so there's bound to be lots of things you could try.

  • many thanks - will look into these image

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