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Talkback: How to improve your lawn

when in yorkshire is the best time to feed my lawn is march to early after rakeing airateing and topsoil or compost used do i ave to wait until april and will the grass go green without feed the lawn is in its third season in august and was layed from seed buttercups are a major problem as are dadillions can you advise me on this please thankyou adiee


  • . I have used a lawn feed and weed , to get rid of the moss and weeds in my lawn , the grass has turned vey brown , it has been raked and I have got rid of mostly all the top moss but it seems to be very deep , after raking for a back breaking couple of hours and then mowing I am at a loss as what to do next . Please can you advise me .The lawn has also been dug in with a fork , and watered ,I would be grateful if you could direct me out of this mess thankyou CHRISTINE NOBLE
  • kledkled Posts: 2
    My lawn is heavily laden with moss, I used Evergreen lawn treatment. After a week or so I scarified it and had a lot of thatch from it. Since doing this the lawn has a lot of dead grass patches. What do I need to do to revive my lawn. PS. the lawn is about 20ft by 15ft .
    Cheers Kled.
  • we did this at the end of last summer,as we only moved in last year the lawn was full of moss,hope it makes a differance,but will do it again.this spring.thankyou for all your advice.ifound it so helpful
  • Moss in a lawn is invariably due to poor drainage / soil compaction. After you have raked out the moss, use a fork or hollow tine aerator to spike the lawn and brush sharp sand into the holes. You should notice you will have far less moss in the future.
  • Nice One Monty - I have seen this video before but it's good to refresh my memory every year!
  • I have recently moved in to a new house and poor drainage is an issue on my lawn. Given that the grass has started growing now have I missed the opportunity to improve drainage this year?When is the best time to aerate and scarify my lawn?
  • I have a problem, not just with moss, but with a white "slime" around the base of some blades of grass. It looks like a soft pile of breadcrumbs - sometime white, and sometimes with a yellowish tinge. What is it and how do I get rid of it?
  • I found this feature very useful and have started to improve the look and condition of my lawn thanks to Monty's advice, what would we do without him. Thankyou again Monty
  • plantplant Posts: 4
    do i put seeds on as well?
  • This is excellent advice and something I did a couple of years ago and it works a treat, my lawn was lush. To be honest I didn't rake in any sand which maybe I should have because the lawn is back to square one. I live in SW Scotland and we have had a wetter then normal season plus my front lawn only gets a wee bit of sun, more in the summer but only really late afternoon sun.

    Would applying sand/topsoil have made any difference or is it just going to be an on going thing?
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