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Baby Memorial Garden


I am planning the planting for a baby memorial garden in a Cemetery in Yorkshire.  I need to find suitable plants for a 10 metres long south facing border (backed by a stone wall) and a 8 metre long west facing border (backed by a fence).  The garden is fully enclosed so its not exposed to the yorkshire elements.  I'm not sure about the soil, I know in the area its can be quite heavy clay but it may be improved from the addition of mulch every year.

I want plants that will definitely survive, and are easy to maintain.  I'm thinking about growing some clematis on trellis on the stone wall, and in the borders I would like mainly perennials with some shrubs that will look good in Autumn/winter when the perennials have all died back.  I don't want anything that's too fast growing.  I prefer shrubs that are no more than 4 ft in height.  I like dogwoods for their winter colour but I think these might get too big??

Any help and ideas gratefully received


Thanks very much



  • I wouldn't know what to suggest for you Mary but good luck with that. Terribly sad reason for the garden but what a lovely thing to do. I'm sure it'll be a fantastic place to go to and see and reflect whatever you plant there x

  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,631

    I have a very exposed garden that gets colder than Yourkshire so can recommend a few clematis.  You can check their details - flower, size, pruning group on this site -

    Nelly Moser; Rhavarinne, Blue Angel (Blekitny Atholl), Alba Luxurians, Omoshiro, Huldine, Etoile Violette, Little Nell, Princess Diana, Red Ballon, Red Robin, Arabella, Chrystal Fountain.

    For perennials, have a look at phlox, echinops, aconitums, phlomis, chelone, hemerocallis, hostas, grasses such as hakonechloa, miscanthus, carex, molinia, asters, physostegia, astilbes, Japanese anemones, peony...

    For shrubs, have a look at coloured stemmed cornus such as alba sibirica and Midwinter fire.  They need to be pruned back hard every spring or two to maintain tehir colour so won't get too big.   Consider evergreens such as variegated holly which is slow growing and can be pruned to shape.  

    Go and have alook at Harlow Carr for ideas and get a soil test kit so you know whether the soil is acid, neutral or alkaline.  Add plenty of well rotted garden compost or manure too improve fertility and drainage then get planting.  Bit late this year but don't forget bulbs like snowdrops and daffs for early spring colour.


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  • That's a lovely list Obelixx - it's triggered a few ideas from me - for spring some little wild primroses would be lovely to follow on from the snowdrops and daffs, and perhaps the pretty little viola 'Freckles' .

    And for daffs, can I suggest the smaller paler varieties, rather than the bigger blowsier versions. image

    Gardening in Central Norfolk on improved gritty moraine over chalk ... free-draining.

  • Forget-me-nots, primroses, a small rose.

  • Thanks very much for all your advice, that's very helpful!  I will get on and look at some plants!

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