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ADVICE NEEDED...lupins from seed

Hi, I have lupin seedlings, grown from this summers lupins. I have no cold frame or greenhouse to pop them in. Any advice on how to keep them over the winter? Thankyou!


  • I have sent mine in pots but they just don't seem to have grown at all. They look so spindly!!! I had the same dilemma so I have sent mine home to my parents. My other plan was to put them In a bread tray and fleece over. What more can you do other than find a sheltered spot where your less likeky to get frost and snow sitting on them. 

    I'm beginning to regret not direct sowing. I sowed in seed trays and transplanted. I was v careful not to break the roots but I'm wondering why so spindly. They were potted up in about sept! image

  • I put mine in pots and in the shed and keep them watered .They have survied better than  in the ground .

  • Thankyou. I thought about the shed but thought they would need more light. (My shed has no windows) image
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