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I've just been reading about hedgehogs. Apparently surveys show that hedgehog populations have dropped by almost 50% over the past 25 years. One of the things you can do to help them is to leave a small gap in your garden boundary so they can move around their territory. It only needs to be 15cm high. Has anybody been making changes to their garden to help hedgehog populations?



  • I have been leaving cat food out every night and I have made two holes at the bottom of my fence also my back gate has been raised so they can get under it too..

    Also the biggest hog killer is garden ponds, and  slug pellets..

    so make sure the little fellas can get out your ponds and dont use slug pellets at all..

  • kitty2kitty2 Posts: 5

    I've made a house for my hogs (as I had a family living in my garden last year) but they still nested under my shed, their always find their own little house as they are quite resourceful little monsters!!! Also they have a pebble edge in case they fall in my pond as the baby hogs seem 2 b drawn to water.

  • My pond has a beach area and a very gradual incline.  The hedgepigs tend to like snuffling round under my bird-feeder though I have put a home-made food out before - it was eaten but I'm not sure whether it was the pigs or rats (eek).  Haven't used slug pellets for over 20 years and since I turned my patch over to totally wildlife-friendly, I haven't had much problem with slugs at all....I do put copper tape round my hosta pots though.

  • Hi all, you can help the experts monitor hedgehog populations by taking part in their hiberntion survey. find our more here.


  • I have 2 hedgehogs at home named Sonic and Knuckles and they are just nice.  I actually though it breeding them but kind of not worked well as the female hedgehog was not really open that much to the idea.

    I just cage them on a usual cage and that is about it. Though a little bigger compared to what I see on normal stores and some breeding farms.

  • Hi animm74 - just to clarify - the hedgehogs you have are the pet breed not wild native3 hedgehogs?

  • kitty2kitty2 Posts: 5

    They're Back!!!!! Ist sighting last night of my first baby hog of the year, Put some food out but he looks of a healthy weight (from a distance), don't want to get to close, I'm so pleased my wildlife approach to my garden must be working . Yipee...

  • Our regular hedgehog is back now daily, I must just remember to keep putting food and water out image

    Or if you happen to be awake at 4am you can check out the live feed:


  • burhinusburhinus Posts: 58

    Porridge Oats mixed with a little veg oil is good for them also.

    You can purchase or make a hog box.

  • Can anyone advise, we took in a very small hog at the start of the winter last year and he has spent the winter hibernating in the garage, he came too fully about 3 weeks ago so we have made him a run in the garage.  When should we release him/her until 2 days ago we was still getting freezing conditions I dont want to release him too early but dont want to keep him locked up either.  He is a good weight and clears his bowl of cat food everynight plus hedge food sprinkled on top every night

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