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Plant labelling

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make permanent labels for the garden which won't fade in the sun?


  • Hello Cricketbluebell,

    This is always a problem and unfortunately the sun will eventually fade pretty much everything. However the best solutions I've found for amateur use are:

    Use a permanent marker - I've noticed these in stationers in a large range of colours recently.

    Buy a labelling machine from a stationers. You just type in the name on to adhesive plastic tape and stick it on your label. This lasts for a long time.

    Use pencil - yes it works well. It's the method I was taught at horticutural college and has the advantage that you can erase your writing and re-use the label. Soft pencils work best.

    Good luck!

    Emma. team

  • Thanks Emma - I'll try a soft pencil then!

  • MartinaRMartinaR Posts: 4

    Perment marker fades much quicker than pencil on the plastic sticks but worked really well on wooden markers.

  • jaybeejaybee Posts: 9

    Over the years we've tried most things and the pencil seems to work best.  The problem is how to use the markers.  If you just stick them in the ground "something" pulls them out/runs off with them or, if they stay in place, it looks like a miniature graveyard.  Tying them to sticks looks unsightly.  I suppose the best thing is to bury them as deeply as possible, just leaving the top centimetre sticking out of the ground, and hope they won't be covered up by the next time you need to see them. 

  • This is a test post! Hence I have resurrected such an old (but useful) post!! 

  • Kitty 2Kitty 2 ManchesterPosts: 5,150

    Hello ellieevie. Your test post worked just fine?

    Welcome to the forumimage

  • BerkleyBerkley Posts: 428

    What a great idea, Patsy! Next time I go to the nearby beach I'm going to bring just one or two home with me ...... yes, I know - but surely they won't miss a couple?

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