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Slippery decking



  • Hi. We used some decking strips from a company called Stop Slip. Had them down for a couple of years and they work better than anything else I had tried over the years. They will probably out last the wooden decking!! I found them here: I hope this helps.

  • BeeFan2BeeFan2 Posts: 3

    Hi everyone, I found a company that makes decking strips that are inexpensive and very easy to fit (I'm no DIYer) - this is the web site:

    hope this helps, stopped me from slipping! image

  • I looked at grp suggestions and eventually ordered from Suigeneris (BeeFan2 16/5/14). Delighted : ordered at weekend on an easily understandable website, good communication of order/depatch, arrived very early today (Wednesday),  excellent protective packaging, comes with the kind of screws which I hope I would have bought and instead of the usual "one screw too few and two bent ones " there was one extra per strip!

    Fitted already on alternate planks of a slimy footbridge over a burn and under trees: just what I wanted, if only all buyingy experiences were like this!

    Link again is

  • I have looked at some of these now and the pictures look like Step On Safety products. Not sure if the price is better directly from them but they manufacture all sorts of Anti Slip stuff and the TimberGrip is their Trademark.

    Their main website and sales office is Step On Safety and their eBay shop is Ebay Store.


  • Hi Nick, glad you sorted out your slimy footbridge! Spencer, the decking strips came from Suigeneris:

    I guess it's on to leaf clearing now! image

  • We have got some strips from Step On Safety for our bridges - they're just the job.  Thanks for the advice given here.


  • pansyfacepansyface PEAK DISTRICT DerbyshirePosts: 18,636

    Too late for it now but we found some anti slip varnish in B&Q. It has helped a lot and isn't so expensive.

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  • Non-eco friendly solution is a bleach/water mix scrubbed in with a broom, left on for 30 mins then sprayed off. Kills off any algae/moss that is causing the slippyness

  • I'd second the decking strips idea or replace the old decking with some quality non slip decking - I bought our non slip decking from Gripsure Anti Slip Decking who come highly recommended. You can also get cheaper variations. I'm not sure what the cuprinol anti slip decking stain is like as I never tried that - probably a temporary measure but could be worth a try if you don't want to invest in non slip decking. 

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    Do these anti-slip boards work when there is frost on the ground ? That is when I have found the decking to be most deadly.

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