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turbo plants

Has anyone tried the "turbo" tomato plants available from some catalogues and if so what do you think? We tried them and were very dissappointed. The crop was quite poor so last year we went back to "normal" ones.


  • Hello Newallotmenteer,

    'Turbo' tomato plants are grafted. The idea is that giving the plants different roots to grow from makes them more disease resistant, helps them fruit earlier and for longer, producing larger yields etc. All of these things may be true. Grafting is a useful technique and tomatoes respond to it well. Commercial growers use it a lot. However the price of grafted tomatoes is quite frightening. I've seen 3 potted plants being sold for £13.00. Packets of good tomato seeds can be bought for under £2.00 and you can grow many plants from them. Some people have real problems with tomato blight, in which case grafted plants would be well worth a go. The same thing goes if you're growing yours for a show. Otherwise I think it's more fun to use seeds.

    Emma team

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