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That's Monty done till March!



  • Auntie E wrote (see)

    I have read somewhere that Monty Don will be taking over Chelsea coverage from Alan Tichmarsh  next year, and that Alan has declined to take a smaller part in the coverage.  Is this true, does any one know.  I would miss Alan's knowledge and presenting skills.

    P.S.  I am in the Nigel fan club!  Could offer a couple of knobbly toads to the pet show.

    The only clip I have seen says "The newsreader Sophie Raworth and Monty Don, the host of Gardener’s World,   will be joining the 2014 team, which also includes the designer Andy   Sturgeon, gardening expert Toby Buckland and presenter Nicki Chapman".

  • I think it's about time we had some new blood presenting GW and Chelsea, and by new I don't mean young and wet behind the ears. I have had enough of MD, and AT has gone all silly. CB is probably the best of the current crop. CK is OK. I like AS and TB. RdT is fine. AF and SR can stay at home as far as I am concerned and JS probably too.  A new GH is what I need or AT before he went walkabout. Does anyone know of anyone else?

  • What  a good combo.  BF and AS would do nicely. Much prefer CK to CW.

  • whaaaat? Monty is my fave by far! Maybe because I am a woman who finds his "Ted Hughes meets the flowerpot men" style appealing (see GW mag, November).............I also love Carol Klein's enthusiasm and they way she has mucky hands and rubbish nails, like a real gardener. I do miss Toby Buckland though, I think it was the garden he had to work with (not real) on Gardener's World that didn't work for viewers, not him.

  • Well personally, I think G A  CB and CS should be given a chance ASAP...all have good gardeniing & DIY skills.


  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 69,317

    I'm another Monty and Carol fan, although I do also have a lot of respect for several of the others mentioned (with the exception of Mr T who I think has other fish to fry - but then I've never been a fan of his)

    However, I think the main problem is that the programme is too short.  If it were longer there would be time for more variety which would please those who like different gardening and presentation styles.

    A lot of the filming done in other gardens is obviously going to be recycled and expanded on at a later date in those compilation programmes (possibly the ones scheduled for early December?).

    As with most things in life - it's all down to budgets - MD can provide a garden from which to host the programme which can accomodate the cameras, crew etc rather than the BBC having to buy/lease somewhere  image


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