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Dahlia disappointment

I purchased 5 'Stolz von Berlin' tubers on the basis of the vivid pink colour on the pack and a recommendation I read on this variety.  Alas, they did not live up to expectation.  The colour was very anaemic.  Before I pull them up this weekend and throw in the bin does anyone have any ideas why this happened and if I can remedy next year?


  • Dave MorganDave Morgan Posts: 3,123

    How big were the tubers you purchased? Some Dhalias perform better the second year when they have had a chance to fatten up.

    I'd keep them and give them a second chance next year.

    Try starting them in pots early on and give them the chance with a good feed. 

  • The descriptions I've read of them describe them as a soft lavender pink - it seems that  the colour on the pack was inaccurate.  The descriptions sound lovely  but sadly not the colour you want.  Rather than bin them why not offer them on the seedswap thread - someone might love to try them? image


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  • Dave, I think they were small enough - it was one of those value packs I purchased. So maybe I'll give them a stay of execution for one year.  I did start them in pots though.


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