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Hi all,

I am about to embark on a massive bed/deck/consturction project in and around my garden, which currently consists of two narrow, very overgrown beds, a patio, and a huge amount of pots. This would involve - among other things - widening the beds and building a deck in the garden.

 The garden is currently very overcrowded, with a lot of very overgrown, mature plants. In particular, I have a massive, beautiful rose (see profile pic) with branches all over the garden.... I would hate to lose my plants whilst work is going on in the garden, especially the rose.

Should I prune it all the way, and if so should I do this in stages or in one go? Will it survive such brutal treatment? Once I've cut it down, can I temporarily plant it in a pot?

And what about he other plants: bulbs, perennials, climbers (including a massive Clematis Montana)-- should these be left in the soil or should I attempt to dig them out and store/pot them up until the work is done?

Grateful for any thoughts and ideas!



  • Thanks Verdun. Sadly the rose would really be in the way, unless it's tiny (which I can't even imagine....). Would it be safe to cut it back really hard, or might the shock kill it? as you can see, it's a rose gone mad!

    Less concerned about the Monata, they tend to be tough (big) things...

    As to the rest, these pics may give you a better idea, though you can't see much







  • Dave MorganDave Morgan Posts: 3,123

    Shaz, most roses will respond to a good prune if given a good feed in the spring.

    I'd cut the rose back by half for the winter, prune out any old, dead or crossing stems. Mulch it overwinter although living in Hackney you will have the London heat to protect it from the worst winter can throw at you.

    As verdun says, you can lift and divide your perrenials and redistribute them as you wish.

    I had an unruly montana, I took some cuttings after it had flowered, and cut it back hard.

    It has started to come back and I have the cuttings I took just in case it dies off.

    If youre doing as much as you say, you may have to be brutal in some instances, but potting up any spares to overwinter will do them no harm, as they do benefit from splitting and replant the newer sections.

    Best of luck. 

  • Thanks Dave!

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