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I have no lawn

Our dog has turned our large garden (approx 150x100sq mtr) into a muddy bog, I still want to see greenery so have considered astro turf but it's not cheap.  He spends a long time in the garden running round conststantly, he's destroyed most of the grass so we need a solution.  It's a sloping garden south facing so I love spending time there in the summer, any ideas anyone???


  • Eddie JEddie J Posts: 108

    I'm guessing that there probably isn't a sensible solution without involving some form of hard landscaping, so maybe you could just try fencing of a section the garden off using unobtrusive black plastic deer netting, then move it periodically to suit.

  • You do not mention the age or breed of dog you have. It seems to me that the dog could be simply burning off energy and needs more excercise. Try taking the dog for a good long free run first thing in the morning, before letting it free in the garden, this usually helps.

  • I have exactly the same problem! I have an extremely energetic young Jack Russell who no matter how many walks he has, still has energy to burn. Over the last few weeks I have started a complete renovation of my south facing, sloping, back garden/bog (!) and have even put Stan's doggie rotavating skills to good use digging the new veg patch. I plan to do what Eddie suggests and temporarily fence off sections of the garden in need of rest, using a plastic coated wire fencing as anything less, the dog will rip through. Will keep you posted...

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