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Tip to save money in your garden

I save spent cartridge cases to put on top of my canes.I uses the green ones for my veg, yellow to mark where my bulbs are so I don't dig up if I want to put a new plant in, orange for lilies and gladioli and the red and blue for random plants. They are easy to find when you are on a country walk or ask a friendly farmer to save you some. They are easy to see when you are gardening they are safe and last a few years.


  • Eddie JEddie J Posts: 108

    Here are a few more money saving ideas..

    A nice and simple tomato plant support made from half a pallet and a bit of old water pipe.

     This shed only cost £70.00 to build and will probably out last all of us. The £70.00 cost went on ballast/cement and steel for the concrete base. The rest is was pretty much sourced from skip diving.

     For free storage you can do alot worse than get hold of the front of a luton lorry body. Commercial vehicle breakers yards are glad to get rid of them. I keep meaning to make up some doors for it, but it isn't high on my list of jobs.

    Another way to get cheap but strong storage, is to get hold of old industrial building cladding.

      Fold out runner bean frames is another good one. Whilst there is an initial cost to purchase the wood, they can be used year after year with no cost. Simply pick them up and store them through the winter. With my design, I can use them either way up, and they are self supporting.

  • Eddie JEddie J Posts: 108

    I have just remembered the most important money saving idea.

    The washing machine drum fire pit.image

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