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My back garden at present comprises of a patio area and astro turf area, and I am building a border of 8 bricks high as an L shape around 2 edges of the patio, with a curvy shape at each end to break the rectangular lines up. 

The border is built on the existing patio slabs and small drainage holes have been put in the brick work. 

What do I need to use to fill the planting area in? Do I need some sort of rubble/brick at the bottom? Was then thinking of a mixture of well rotted manure and top soil.

I want to create a border mainly of climbing evergreens so I have colour all year and to climb up a boring brown fence. Any suggestions of what to plant?

The border is approx 1 foot wide. One side is approx 4.5 metres long and is mainly south facing, and the other 3 metres long and mainly west facing.








  • ok. thanks. will try and sort a photo.

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    Hi doorbers. I take it that the retaining wall will be about 2 and a half feet high? As it's not very deep (a foot) you'll need a good mix of manure and soil/compost so that it doesn't dry out as it will be a sunny site. A  layer of gravel in the bottom should be sufficient to allow drainage if you don't want to remove the paving, although that would definitely be the best idea,  but I'd suggest a layer of membrane over the gravel to stop your soil being washed through the weep holes. I have just created some raised beds along fences and I'm using ivies and clematis as the main climbers. I also have an Escallonia and some christmas box (Sarcococca) which can be trimmed to keep them from encroaching onto the surrounding paths, and a Pyracantha which provides berries for wildlife. That may be too jaggy for your seating area though! I have Euonymous as well which can be put against fences as a small climber. These are all evergreen apart from the clematis but there are evergreen varieties of those too. As the border is narrow you may want to use some perennials rather than all shrubs and climbers since they will need a bit of maintaining in an area that size. Hope  that gives you a start! image

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