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Plants being eaten!

I have a bit of a problem in that something is working its way through my garden and sytematically eating everything off! All of the leves are being eaten like a catapiller would.  I have seen a few red lily beetles but surely they cant be eating everything can they?  What ever it is especially loves the foxglove leaves and well anything really!  New hardy gerranium leaves are also being eaten off as they emerge.  Even the bulbs as they emerge looking a bit moth eared.  I have tulips, daffs, alliums and they are all being nibbled as they push through.  Could it be slugs and snails?  I havent seen any to speak of the only thing I have seen is this red lily beetle. It is really started to devastate things coming through and things that last through the winter.


  • it sounds like slug damage to me they are active during the night..i'm not sure on your stance but if you want just sprinkle some slug pellets and see if any slugs are killed then that will give you the answer.

    .there are numerous organic methods for slug control as well as pellets

    .red lilly beetles will eat your lillies pick them off and squash them as you patrol during the day.

    if you decide to use  pellets on a regular basis i would suggest you start now as tahe winter has been so mild and the slugs are still can also clear up any debris to stop them sheltering eg leaves,boards,old stones.plastic. 

    light fork or hoe you soil on a regular basis so birds can get at slug eggs. 

  • heather3heather3 Posts: 1

    have you got wild rabbits in your aera they cleared out some shrubs that i had just planted put wire around them 

  • cutiecutie Posts: 9

    Likely to be slugs and snails, try sprinkling bran around for an organic alternative,or salt as a quick measure although this wont have lasting effect. If its indivual specimen plants you want to save, try a copper ring, they hate copper. If its not snails, check underneath your leaves for caterpillars and pick off and destroy, or rub off aphids if present, soapy water or boil rhubarb leaves to make an insecticed and spray.

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