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what do u do with hyacinth bulbs when theyve finished flowering? cut off the stems or not?


  • sal3sal3 Posts: 18

    I am in the middle of trying two methods,you can either leave in the ground over winter,after flowering let the foliage die down ,and then cut back.They dont seem to do as well in their second season.Or after foliage has died down lift the bulbs and store them in peat till September,and replant for the following spring,advise I have had is they flower to their full potential  if lifted.I hope this helps!

  • maximomaximo Posts: 2

    I wouldn't cut the stems off, as they're also a way to photosynthesise and feed the bulb for next year. Just remove the flowers to avoid them setting seed and wait for the stems and leaves to die before deciding if you want to lift the bulbs or leave them in the ground

  • Thanks!!!!

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