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Talkback: Flowers that endure in autumn

There is flower and leaves on my winter flowering cherry and my mahonia has just started to show yellow flowers,there is still late flowers on my honeysuckle.I have some self sown marigolds and some buds on the roses.all adding colour to the garden.


  • Yes the mahonias (charity) are wonderful this year - I have two that I can see from the kitchen window and the blue tits love them (they peck off the flowers) and they smell so good.  I also have something called schistostylus which is like a red freesia on long stems - beautiful.

  • mine are flower too and i have primroses and polyanthas out.The flowering jasmine the winter one ,yellow,is flowering lovely.just waiting on the cyclemen.

  • Some flowering plants only seem to have really come into their own rather late in the season...fuchsias in my Herts.courtyard garden being the best example. I have only just removed the summer window box display, not because it was over, but because I couldn't delay the winter planting any longer. Geraniums, fuchsia and scaevola all did well. Canna was a star in a tub (its first year) but I found rain repeatedly ruined the blooms. Rosa Penny Lane still has a couple of flowers.
  • MeggaMegga Posts: 9
    I still have a number of pelargoinums flowering in pots and bordes, my best and oldest plants have been put in the Greenhouse. Other plants still flowering are tall verbina and tobacco plants.

    My 1.2 m tall verigated pelargoinum, which I have kept for at lest five years, has produced creamy white stems and leaves which looks quite strange. I've tried to upload a picture but not have much luck.

    The greenhouse is now full of overwintering plants plus loads and loads of cuttings, I just love making new plants from cuttings, but now I have run out of space.
  • Lupin 1Lupin 1 Posts: 8,916

    Megga, build upwards in GH as we have, old pallets are great to re-cyle as staging. image 

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