Growing Callicarpa from seed

Hi. Has anyone out there ever grown Callicarpa from seed? I have wanted one of these plants for ages as I love the colour of the berries. None of my local garden centres sell it and I can't buy online plants as there is no one at home during the day and our postmen quite often leave parcels on the door step.

Every day on my way to work I walk past a garden where one grows over the front garden fence but don't feel comfortable about stealing a few berries from it. However, today I saw the owner who kindly gave me 4 berries. So...what is the best way to germinate the seeds and can I do this indoors or would it be best to keep them outside in the garden.

Thanks, Tamarix


  • haven't tried it as I have a beautiful one in the garden already, but you would need to extract the seed from the berry (perhaps squish between sheets of kitchen towel) and then I'd piop theseeds in gritty compost and keep on the kichen window sill.  Alternatively I'd try a couple planted in a pot putside in the garden in case they need cold to to get them going.

    In all the years I've had mine I've never known it to self seed, so I reckon the inmdoor option is your best bet.

    Hmm ....if you neighbours grow over the front fence could you do a little pruning with your secateurs and plant the resultant cutting?



  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 24,255

    I like gg's last suggestion. Not all the callicarpas have really good coloured berries. If you've found one that has, a hardwood cutting will guarantee you get the same. Seeds won't. 

    If I was growing from seed I'd put them outside. A large proportion of berrying trees and shrubs germinate best like that

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