Spirae japonica late pruning

I got to look after some spirae japonica. From diverse sources I found out just recently that they need pruning in late spring. However, when I started looking after this garden I thought they needed to be pruned in autumn like many shrubs ... In short, I missed the deadline and didn't even deadhead them! They've been long established and are a bit too prolific. Could I simply cut them hard back this winter then prune them the 'proper' way not next spring but the spring after that?


  • I think you can cut them back now, and hard. I was brutal with mine and they did well this year. Cut back to the size you want each year is enough. No need to prune as such, just cut back to get a nice shape.

  • Hi i would do and have done exactly as w wonderboy says and it or they will come back no bother at all ...


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