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New Greenhouse

I have just moved house and looking to purchase a new greenhouse.   Can anybody recomend one.  I am thinking of buying a polycarbonate one, and fancy a larger one.

Any ideas?


  • Polycarbonate greenhouse are very light Liz26 I do think you should reconsider if I was thinking of a polycarbonate greenhouse I think I would go for a polytunnel greenhouse as I think they are better shaped for the wind.


    I only paid £30.00 for a glass greenhouse from ebay. I have bought new seals and clips for it and next is to finish the base and fit the new seals then replace some of the glass as I broke some bringing it back from Kent


  • I built myself a polycarb glazed greenhouse a couple of years ago as my house backs onto the local cricket field and the balls have been known to fly. Should be fine as long as it's well anchored. Make sure if you go this way to apply sealant to the ends of the polycarb sheets to prevent moisture entering them or you'll have very mouldy panes in under six months!

  • Liz26Liz26 Posts: 7

    Thanks for that, I will consider it.   I was just thinking polycarbonate as a safety aspect.

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