Does anyone know how to get rid of black spots on echinacea leaves? 



  • sotongeoffsotongeoff Posts: 9,806

    Without a picture it is hard to say-but to my way of thinking they will be going over shortly then just cut hard back

    Any spray now is unlikely to be effective

  • Thank you, I will do that.  Yes they are going over now but I was wondering if the black spot would stay with the plant and ruin it for next year.  

  • hollie hockhollie hock Posts: 3,344

    on the same subject of echinaceas & cutting them back. I've sowed some from seed this  year and at the moment I have some flower heads developing. I know that as it October these flowers are not going to come into fruition. I was going to just let them die back this the right thing to do?

  • I'm going to cut the echinacea's right down today, noticed that the flowers which were lovely have now gone black also.  Will the black spot stay with the plant and will I need to spray next year before it starts growing properly and if so what with.  I love the plant, the flowers just went on and on and then in their prime just died.  I also  have a lot of trouble with black spot on roses (sussex uk)

  • sotongeoffsotongeoff Posts: 9,806

    Tricia-it is unlikely to be the same disease as the black spot on the roses-but no harm will come to them if you do a preventative spray next year with a fungicide-a lot of it is weather related-in a better year you probably wouldn't get it

    There have been a lot of reports of vegetable blight this year-it is just one of those things

  • Too much rain, too little rain, what to do.  Thanks for great advice. 

  • LunarzLunarz Posts: 93

    Hollie-Hock, I agree with Christopher2 about cutting the flower heads off.  I did this with a couple of new echinaceas last year (even though it was very tempting to let the flowers grow), and they have performed amazingly this year - huge amounts of flowers.  Well worth it.

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