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where to use potash and nitrogen


Can you please tell me when and where to use potash and nitrogen?

I'm I right in thinking that potash develops leaf and root and nitrogen develops flower and fruit?



  • Nitrogen does the foliage, phosphate does the roots and potassium does the flowers/fruit, can be abreviated to NPK image

  • Depends what playoyou I want to feed and too when and what you put down image

  • Me thinks you may be slightly wrong. Nitrogen for green growth N, and potash for fruit and flowers K. Root development needs potassium P.

    That gives N P K fertilizers. Any help to you?

  • Sorry got my P and K mixed up.

  • Oh yeah that'll be it haha, only wrote about it yesterday, my memory is terrible! Swear I've got dementia. But it still depends if we're talking lawns, or different genus of plants image

  • Zoomer44Zoomer44 Posts: 3,189

    When and where to use potash and nitrogen depends on what you plan to growimage

    Nitrogen - promotes above ground growth and healthy foilage. Potash - helps promote flowering and the ripening of fruit and veg. Phosphate is for root growth.

    FBB, bone meal and dried blood,are fertilisers and additions to

    Fish,bone and blood - FBB contains all three elements, I'd say it's a good all rounder and not used in huge quantities would say it's good for most things. There maybe someone along shortly to say I'm wrongimage.

    Bone meal contains phosphate and nitogen - good for shrubs, roses, bulbs and strawberries.

    Dried blood contains nitrogen, if growing veg it's good for leaf crops like lettuce, spinach and cabbage.


  • Thanks everyone and thanks Zoomer for the detailed points. I do use FBB, so I fill I'm on the right track at least.

    Weather permitting, I want to plant out some winter pansies at the weekend, do you think they would benefit from a drop of FBB?

  • As foilage doesn't really grow in winter, you need to focus on the root growth and development, so you need something with high potassium levels and not so much of nitrogen and phosphorus 

  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 14,616

    Fish blood and bone releases the nutrients at different rates. The dried blood is almost instant, the  fishmeal will release over a few weeks, and the bonemeal over a few months. I would not feed at all at this time of year. Apply FBB in the spring, either mixed with compost as a top dressing around existing plants ,or sprinkled and worked into the top few inches of soil, before new planting.  That should suffice for the season. Applying blood  or other fast release fertilisers now will result in soft leafy growth which will be easily damaged by cold weather/winds/frosts.

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  • Zoomer44Zoomer44 Posts: 3,189

    image for future posts and I do hope you post again, you should have said what you planned to plantimage

    My explanation was a tab bit OTT. If you are planting pansies, I'd go for a bit of FBB in the hole if planting in the garden or mixed in with the compost if planting in a pot.

    Plants adapt to the weather and will only take in water and nutrients which they need. At this time of year if they are meant to go dormant they will, that's why it's important not to over water because when we get the freezing weather the water in the soil freezes and damages roots.


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