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hi there all im in the middle of redoing my mums garden its in semi shade and shares its spot with a large cherry tree amd another large tree.. theres is a wall at the back of the garden with honeysuckle climbing it to try amd hide it now i was thinking what plants go well with cornus dogwood the orange one as my mum is keen on having this plant near the wall but i cant think which plants would go well with dogwood i quite like the idea of roses in front of dogwood with heucheras in front of them but thought this might be too much so just need to know really what goes well with cornus? also what colour schemes work well in garden? i am after flowering shrubs that tolerate fullshade/part shade thank you image


  • Forester2Forester2 Posts: 1,477

    Fuchsias plus the heucheras perhaps.

  • GillyLGillyL Posts: 1,077

    Colour schemes are a matter of personal choice Darren,Perhaps use your Mums favourite colour as a starting point,Some people choose to have just one or two colours others go for a more relaxed cottage style of planting,

    Ferns do well in the shaded areas ,you could also try some grasses . Perhaps ,lavender and maybe put in some bulbs for spring colour..


  • Hey Darren, Roses need full sun to reach there full potential but lots of shrubs will tolerate partial shade. It will possibly be poor dry soil? If a mature cherry tree and another tree are growing there. I would steer clear of lavenders and roses if you are sure its partial shade, they wont thrive. I grow lots of Heuchera's so would definitely advocate them. Some ferns and foxgloves like dryish partial shade.

    Definitetly dig in plenty of compost if it is really dry soil. Not alot of plants like full shade so consider raising the canopy on one or both of the trees or just remove any branchs that would allow more light to the area you want to plant up and that dont spoil the overall shape of the tree. Watch where the sun goes throughout the day and see if you can get more sunlight where you want it  image

  • thanks all for the replys i will stay clear of roses and plant a few heucheras at the front was also considering anemone hybrida as think maybe they will thrive there aswell.. as for the trees they have a TPO so am unsure of what work i am allowed to do to the trees if anyone knows any more about tpo on trees id love to know
  • Darren tpo orders can vary you beat bet is to contact the council they will be able to advise you you can cut fanged branches that may cause any potential damage to your property

  • Oh and how about some hellebores they look great with heuchera as well as providing a stunning spring display

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    If the soil is very dry it is not ideal for a Cornus as they thrive in damper soil.

    A combination of plants already suggested would do very well. Hellebores, Jap. Anenomes, Heuchera and ferns would provide colour [ both flowers and leaves ] for most of the year.

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  • ok thank you will contact council and see what is said the cherry ytree is a bit out of contol surely gettin a tree surgeon to reshape it wont do any harm i will see what is said.. ok thank you i will give that a go and see how things go.. im also after a cascading flowering shrub to grow on top of a wall so it cascades over the edge if anyone has any ideas?
  • Darren, What do you mean growing ontop of a wall? Is there a raised wall with soil in the cavity? I cant think of a shrub that will cascade over the sides But if that area gets plenty of sun Aubretia would cascade over the sides of the wall, we have had great success with cerastium (snow in summer) It covered our entire rockery and I have to hack it back each summer after flowering. image

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