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lily beetle

I am planning my garden for the season.In the previous two seasons my garden has been plagued by lily beetle,my crown imperials were attacked and all my lilys.I have read that spraying sunflower oil on plants will help.Does anybody have any advise to get rid of these?


  • pansy2pansy2 Posts: 28

    I grow a few  lilies and there is a systemic insectiside which kills the grubs as soon as they hatch.  I don't use it as I don't use chemicals but i will track it down for you if you want.  I just watch my lilies carefully and as soon as I see the red beetles I kill them.  I hold an open jar under the leaf with the beetle on it then tap above it and it drops straight down usually into the jar then I squash it. I search the plant for eggs (small, orange normally under a leaf) and squash them too.  I very rarely get the disgusting grubs but those I wipe off with kitchen paper towels and squash again.  Yes it does take time and I only have about 30 lilies.  I have yet to find a non chemical method of killing these bugs, I will be interested to see if anyone else comes up with something.

  • sal3sal3 Posts: 18

    Thankyou for your advise.I will try your method this year.I would also be interested also to see if anything can repel these pests that is not a systemic insectiside,but I will have to use one as a last resort.Any ideas welcome!

  • Hi I have had lily beatle too which beause of the relatively mild winter weather is doing rather well in my garden.  I can still see them now in the garden even though there are no lilies.  The problem I am having is that everything in my garden is being eaten! Can it be the lily beatle? I cant see any other pests?

  • Hello,are the plants covered in round holes?Thats a typical sign of lily beetle.I had them more than ever last year,and they squeak when you squash them so i feel mean!Any solutions out there?Is there a smell that deters them for example?

    rotten little things!

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