What to bring in over winter


I have some marjoram, rosemary and a curry plant bought this year.  The curry plant says protect from frost, so I have brought it in for the winter, but will the marjoram and rosemary be ok left outside?  I also have some small clematis and lavender grown from cuttings - will they withstand the winter?

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  • If you do decide to leave the lavenders and rosemary outside dont let them get to wet, I lost a few small lavender plants last year, I think they rotted in there pots, they went dark and never recovered. image

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    Think I'd put the cuttings in a well-ventilated coldframe - raise the pots off the ground so they drain well. 

    Marjoram and rosemary should be outside as long as their feet don't get too soggy - last winter the bed where my rosemary was turned into a small pond and it was looking sorry for itself, some of the leaves were yellowing  - I dug the rosemary out and put it in a  pot of John Innes No 3 with an equal quantity of grit - put the pot in a sheltered corner, wrapped the pot with bubblewrap (not the plant) and made sure that the pot was raised up so that it drained well.  The rosemary recovered and grew really well - it's staying in a pot from now on image

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