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climbing fuchsia

FlindaFlinda Posts: 3

I was given a climbing fuchsia this summer and it has done well in the garden. But do I need to prune it like a regular fuchsia ?



  • If it's a lady boothby I just leave it for the winter and then cut hard back in spring. Someone else may know better

  • Thank you, I'll try that. Its called Lady in Black.

  • I just got a baby Lady in Black which I'm going to keep inside this winter then put out next spring. It will be interesting to compare them

  • Have been delighted with results obtained over three years growing 2lady Boothby2 from original T&M stock. Some of the plants are still in large black buckets which I move aroud patios and a sheltered courtyard as the seasons progress. Two plants have been given their 'freedom' and nestle amongst various spotted laurel and bay bushes in a very shady border (6 foot high wall due south!). Growth has topped out at 8, yes eight feet, when the pots have had the benefit of full sun all the growing season!


    Flinda:  Just a hint at the delights that await you after a full season's growth.

  • Wow, thats impressive ! Don't know if I have room for something that size.

  • Love fuchsia s, didn't know there was a climbing variety.  Must get one of those. David, when you got yours from T &M, were they plugs or plants in pots.

    The one pictured, is that a boothby?

  • SGLily: The pictured fuchsia IS Lady Boothby - my captions don't seem to stick to the image!

    I bought the originals as ten 'maxi-plugs' and potted them individually into 6cms pots immediately, followed by lots of TLC! *I tend to pot-on early, rather than wait until the plants get desperate - ensuring good root development before the accelerated vertical growth gets going. Enjoy!

  • Thank you David, will try and get some of those.image

  • Just looked on T & M web, have book marked it. Many thanks David.

  • VinnieVinnie Posts: 2

    Should I pinch out the tips of "Lady in Black"?

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