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  • Oh I will, don't you worry, I just get sucha buzz when people take time to give me advice and help me image Not quite sure what humility means, does that make sound thick? 

  • Oh rlight Thankyou Verdun image I will do don't you worry, I love to learn anything about plants haha, well pretty much anyone but mathsimage

  • Haha, I hope I already have one, I have my own mini library containing around 100 books, none of which I've read, I'm usually too busy at college or out in the garden :P

  • CarmicCarmic Posts: 56

    Ryan I have replied to your second PM..

  • Sell some plants via ebay first. You need to check that you have the right quality of plants and the right plants that sell to have a sucessful business.

  • Thanks blairs, shall do image

  • Dave MorganDave Morgan Posts: 3,123

    Ryan, if you are selling on ebay, be aware the profit ratio has been cut by ebay.

    Packaging costs can be a big problem and their rules on postage have meant you cant include packaging costs so you have to have sufficient profit from the plants to cover the packaging.

    Just a tip.


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