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I know I'm only 16, but I'd really like to set up my own online shop selling plants I've grown from seeds or cuttings, as my nans garden and my allotment are full to the brim with them. 

I just wanted to know what people think?

I did do a level 3 business course during my last year at school and passed, so hoping I have the skills required.Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated image



  • LynLyn DevonPosts: 17,941

    Hello Ryan, good to see you again and pleased you have been busy.

    With regards to an internet site, there is so much to think of and plan, the mail order side of it can be horendous, peolpe could order plants by the thousand, you will  need staff, big premises and so on.

    Would it be better to start small, such as asking the local garden centres if they will buy from you, maybe some ebay selling.

    You could sell in the local papers, have a stall outside then build up from that.

    I wish you all the luck in your new venture, 

    Gardening on the wild, windy west side of Dartmoor. 

  • BobTheGardenerBobTheGardener Leicestershire, UKPosts: 10,909

    I think the easiest way to start would probably be to set up a shop on Ebay.  I would recommend doing a lot of research into packaging and delivery costs as well as what returns policy you should have.  It's not something I would enter into without a lot of thought.

    A trowel in the hand is worth a thousand lost under a bush.
  • CarmicCarmic Posts: 56

    Go international Ryan...trying to buy wee plugs,bulbs and plants here in France is like taking out a mortgage...Tres difficile...!!!

    For instance I would like lots and lots of bulbs, plugs and plants for my new garden and in France just 3 Alliums would cost me the equivalent of 6 quid...whereas Thompson and Morgon have 100 for 20 quid...but they will not, and totally refuse to post to France...likewise with plugs etc...when i have spoken to them direct they say it takes too long in the post..bullsh*t....ooops sorry bad language image

    I ordered some clothes stuff from Amazon and it only took 3 where is the logic...

    I have a 200 quid order pending with T&M at the moment and I will have to get it sent to a UK address and then someone has to post it again double the postage...T&M have an international site but they will only post seed packets...

    There are something like 250,000 expats over here so there is a market...mind you, you will have to get your packaging right...but that applies to posting in the UK also...

    Either way GOOD LUCK TO YOU...any young person starting a fledgling business is to be admired...You will go far young man...



  • I think ebay is a good way forward. I have bought quite a bit on eBay and luckily so far have not been dissapointed

  • Dave MorganDave Morgan Posts: 3,123

    Ryan, my local shop sells some plants already. My excess cuttings and seedlings I sell through the shop. It pays for new purchases and gets me gardening work as a side line.

    Having run an ebay business I know what an undertaking it can be.

    My advice is start small.

    As time goes by the experience of what goes right and what goes wrong, will teach you valuable lessons which when scaled up can make the difference between profit and loss.

    Business courses are a good grounding, but practical lessons are more valuable, trust me.

    Dealing with people is hard work, you will need to develop people skills, and reading about it will help, however it doesnt always translate into reality.

    The old saying of 'from little acorns grow great oaks', is and should be a mantra for any budding businessman.

    It will be hard work, but I wish you every success. 

  • Ww thankyou everyone for you. Really quick and supportive replies!

    Lyn- Yeah gotten over my illness finally and got straight back into my plants! And yeah I really would just like to do it small scale, so I can start putting a little aside each month to start my own nursery in a few years.

    Bob- Actually I don't know why I didn't think of ebay before, I've bought a fair amount of seeds off there ( on my nans card...whoops). but yes I suppose a lot of people underestimate the postage cost as it's a lot more expensive than it used to be. Maybe ill research that and swhat hat other ebay sellesaga eve to say about it.

    Carmic- I have messaged you.

    Stacey- Could I be nosy and ask what plants you've bought etc on there, as I will have to do market research into what are the most likely plants to sell?


  • Verdun- Actuslly a few miles from me, not too far from my nans they have a weekly market on a Wednesday morning, the only trouble is I have college then and wouldn't be ablonto attend. But we do have a farmers market once a month on a Saturday, maybe ill look into that, but it always seems chostall wth stalls. Yeah I do try to learn what the plants I grow need conditions and aspect wise sand flowering period etc, as I'd hate to think I was selli a plant to someone and it was just going to die. having done my own projects, I'm a fairly confident talker, and love chatting to people and helping them, as they always seem so greatful, must be something about us gardeners! :P It's really interesting to know that you made a small business out of it, would you mind sharing what kinda plants you sold and how much you charged etc? Don't worry if not image

    Dave- I actually think that's really inspirational what you've posted, thankyou very much image Due to my age, I'm not quite sure I'm old enough to have a proper business account on ebay, but prehaps just a few listings, I think you're allowed upto 100 a month? I'm thinking of going down to my local nursery to chat to him, but I don't know that he'd wil too willing to help, as I'd be competition potentially ( as he literally has 2 medium sized polytunnels, it's really tiny).

  • CarmicCarmic Posts: 56

    Ryan what a lovely private message you just sent me...

    Dave Morgan, From what Ryan wrote to me this young man already has people skills ...probably learnt from his gardening grannie...he will go far...!!!

    ...anyway, hes just might have got his first order...Look in your message box Ryan...

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