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Leggy broad bean plants

I planted broad beans in small pots in a cold greenhouse in November.  They grew very fast and, despite having pinched out the tips, they are now about eighteen inches tall.  I have moved them to the cold frame but wonder if I should cut them down before planting out in the veg plot.  Would they grow up from the bottom or should I just stake them as they are?  Advice please (I am very much a 'novice' veg grower but am really trying to extend my range.  Had some success with cabbages and sprouts which I grew for the first time this year (though they are sheltering a HUGE army of slugs) but could not get carrots to germinate and leeks were very poor.  We have very heavy clay soil.  Any words of wisdom gratefully received!


  • woody3woody3 Posts: 11

    I set my broad bean seeds straight in the garden in November, they are about 6" tall and look quite well, do I have to pinch the tops out?

  • I sowed mine in November and despite looking a little droopy first thing in the morning due to the intense cold at present, they pick up during the day. I have already given them small stakes. As they are a dwarf variety I do not intend to pinch out the tops.

  • happymarionhappymarion Posts: 4,591

    I did this last year but have reverted to sowing my seeds middle of february this year as the plants got too leggy, sowing early and each one had to be staked - a lot of work.  The beans were no earlier either or the crop any bigger.  My soil is clay but improved by me with lots of animal manure and cultivation.  This year will be interesting as my beans will be brought on in the consevatory and planted into my new raised beds when big enough not to be any slug damage.  Bean tops make a good addition to a green salad.

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