Mottling on Japanese Azalea leaves

Although there are some nice buds forming, the leaves of my Azalea have brown stains and a lot of yellowy leaves.  Is it O.K.?  I would also like to move it, can I do it now, or must I leave it until it has flowered?


  • Not sure what the problem is altho' yellowing can be a sign of iron deficiency. Have you been watering with tap water? As it is stiil mild you could give it some irom sequestrene feed, and an acid mulch.

    It's a bit late in the year for remedial action. You could move it now but if it is sickly that might be risky. I would cosset it where it is, enjoy next year's flowers if it has some and then move it.

  • punkdocpunkdoc Posts: 5,114

    Hate to disagree with You Verdun but Im not sure how moving will help if we dont know whats wrong with it. I think that ww.s idea of sequestrene and an ericaceous mulch would be best. Adopt a wait and see policy.

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