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Base for greenhouse

About 10 years ago I built about 3 layers of bricks to raise our greenhouse and topped it with wood but this has rotted away quite a lot now. I am wondering weather to just replace the wood or use something else like plastic if possible or just forgo the wood and try to screw the greenhouse directly on to the bricks. They are standard house bricks not special engineered ones but they have lasted this long and don't have any wear so I think they can do another 10 years but not sure they are the best to sit on directly.. any suggestions welcome.


  • PalustrisPalustris Posts: 3,437

    Mine are fastened directly to the brick base. You just need to be a bit careful that either drilling the holes or putting the screws into rawlplugs in the bricks does not split the brick. This happened to me, but it was easy enough to replace the brick.

  • thanks, I have noticed after that storm the sides have bowed out also so guess I will have to remove all the glass and start again if I can get the frame back into shape.

  • good luck Peter 

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