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plant for large pot

Hi all,

I have been bought a large urn-shaped terracotta pot for Christmas and have been trying to think of a really nice plant for it.  I would really like to show off this pot to its best advantage and think it needs something special to plant in it. Has anybody got any ideas?


  • Hello Lindylou,

    Have a look at our pots and containers section to see what you like the look of:

    Personally I love the look of trailing plants in an urn. This is easy in summer as you can use bedding like petunias, bidens, verbenas and my favourite Dichondra 'Silver Falls'.

    In the winter it's a bit harder, but variegated ivy trails beautifully, and Muehlenbeckia complexa will do the job but would be best in a sheltered spot.

    For a strongly architectural look try our hosta display:

    Add a copper strip around the pot to deter slugs.

    Enjoy it, it's always fun to have a new project you can start from scratch.

    Emma, team

  • sal3sal3 Posts: 18

    I filled a large pot with Calendulas last season,the display was awesome.plant the seeds in April,they never fail to germinate,.in summer they will be about a foot high,but no need to stake them.They seem to look after theirselves,just need to deadhead faded blooms.This is also an inexpensive option.

  • Thanks Emma and Sal3.  Will definately give the trailing plants a try as the pot is quite tall.  Perhaps with Calendulas in the middle?

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