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wire worm

Hello can anyone help me rid my two raise beds of wire worm . I have read that they can live for between 2-6 years . They have caused havoc to my potatoes and strawberrys this year.i have read pesticides can help but is expensive and no guarantee of results. A friends uncle has recommended digging lime into both raise beds? Can anyone help to shed any light on this or any other methods. Thank you Emma.


  • If you have the space you could turn the soil out onto ground control fabric or similar and let the birds do the work.  I did this to my raised strawberry bed which was infested with vine weevil grubs and the birds (particularly one blackbird) carefully sifted through and cleared the lot!  I raked it over every day for a few days to make sure none of the little blighters could hide.

    A trowel in the hand is worth a thousand lost under a bush.
  • Thank you so much for that, l had mentioned that to some of the girls at work and was met with sounds of laughter.I will ask my husband if he will help move the soil as there is a lot to move I will definitely give your method a try . Thank you Bob
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