Talkback: Autumn goes out in a blaze of glory

My acer seedlings from the Botanic Garden which I weeded are all different colouring - salmon pink, rich toffee, crimson. pale pink and a very dark plum one - none of which are evident in the mother plants. A golden spiraea is ablaze. Lovely colours on the leaves of all my hydrangeas. Persicaria leaves too. We were lucky in the storm and escaped the wind but the heavy rain has spoilt the lovely rhus typhina in the garden across the road. None of the late varieties of apples were blown down so can look forward to the "Charles Ross" getting brilliant red for Xmas.


  • oldchippyoldchippy Posts: 244
    On Sunday my acre in the front of the house was orange/red come Monday morning there was just a pile of brown leaves under neath,all blown off the bush,well we had it for two days any way. That's life.
  • higgy50higgy50 Posts: 184
    I have to say that so far down here in North Somerset the leaves have been taking some time to turn and my garden borders are still a ablaze with autumn colour from Asters, Rudbekias and a few other later flowering plants.

    If had to choose a favourite Autumn tree I would have to choose the Oak! I know that's a surprise and I'm picking it for it's Autumn bounty of acorns loved by so much wildlife!

    OK I know Acers have fantastic foliage but your not going to see a Green Woodpecker on it are you!! :-)


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