Kaffir lilies

I'm looking for red Kaffir lilies but I can't find any in t&m they have over 50 different lillies in stock but I can't find any red Kaffir lilies.


also is it best to have these in a pot or do they perform better in the ground. If any one has any for sale I would buy them from you I would like three to five of them 




  • WelshonionWelshonion Posts: 3,114

    Because they are not lilies.  Now I know what I mean, but I also can't spell.

    Shystostylus.  Love 'em to bits as they are so cheerful up to Ch******s.

  • HaHa thats why I couldn't find them 

    KAFFIR LILY SCHIZOSTYLIS now I have thanks so much welshonion running off to the GC now to buy some 


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