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Talkback: How to build a raised bed

As a beginer to gardening and a new commer to the site, i think this advise is very helpful for me to build my first ever garden wall to hold my soil back. Thanks very much.



  • Love this. going to build two and put a bench between them. should be a lovely place to sit.
  • not very as I haven't the means to carry out such an undertaking
  • Been looking all over the web for a guide, as this is exactly what I want to do! Anyone actually done this??
  • Fantastic. These are really clear instructions. Can't wait for the spring to get started.
  • I'm new to this garden malarky but want to try this, although not sure about the curved bit....we'll have to see if that works out!
    Looking forward to trying in few weeks :)
  • Asked at a local builders merchants and they recommended concrete blocks, NOT Breeze blocks as they will eventually rot, and must be kept dry, e.g. inside! So just check before buying! I plan to do this in a few weeks so watch this space! If anyone else has done this I'd be interested!
  • I Think I Might Try This I Will Do It With Those Old Victorian Stones Thoe
  • A great idea. A few points though, I would add a drainage layer before adding soil and a drainage outlet. Alternatively, I would only use hardcore where I'm going place the blocks, allowing the added soil to drain into the original topsoil. Does hardcore allow for good drainage?
  • great stuff thanks :)
  • Are you seriously suggesting that anyone can tackle this project? Whacker Plate? Cement mixer?

    My husband (aged 70) built one with seasoned wood and six supporting columns. Surely that would be more within the reach of the average gardener?
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