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    Also had one pink cosmos amogst the purity seeds from GW Garden Maniac,Mum had the same.

  • Lol! obviously the GW seeds were all successful!! Great to hear and glad I planted so many of them!  Thanks for the replies!  dean alex, interesting though - this is baffling me! 

  • Gardengirl.. wrote (see)

    That is beautiful like

    Thanks Garden Girl - as I say, I'm not disappointed, just curious!  It is lovely though! image



  • Incidently I sowed a mix of veronica's this year and planted 3 seeds to a pot, the plants then flowered with different colours on what apeared to be the same bush but were actually 3 different plants growing from next to each other. But that doesnt explain the colour change in our chrysanths! I have heard of temperature changing petal colours before but not this radically. Interesting that you have both of the exact varieties I have/had. The yellow one you have is what I bought last year and the pink/purple one is what it evolved into this year. I know its not a mix up because I only have one hardy chrysanthemum and its in the same pot as last year!

  • Hi all - now the plant is dying off have examined the root and plant structure - it seems there may be 2 plants (without digging it up I can't investigate further) in the same pot - but that doesn't account for 3 colours / different colours to the original.  I celebrate it's difference and it has caused us much discussion!  It's lovely and I feel there are other users that have experienced the same... I'm tending to call it value for money, lol!  ( given a harsh winter it may kill it off... image


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