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Winter pruning

The time has come for us to prune our apples and pears, late-flowering clematis, gooseberries etc. It's a very satisfying job if you have a sharp saw and warm clothing. I've been having a go at some neglected apple trees on my veg plot and wondering whether to reduce the height of the leaders to make them more manageable. Has anyone else been trying to work out which bits of their trees and shrubs to saw off and which to leave for another year?

Emma team


  • It is a good idea to cut back the leader on fruit trees generally, to keep them to a managable height say 2.1 - 2.4mts (7-8 feet). This makes harvesting the fruits easier.It also promotes new side branches.

    As you say it is very satisfying after pruning to stand back and look at a tree that has lost shape and become congested . There is the old adage that you first remove the dead, dying and diseased wood. Then have another look before maybe reducing the height and opening up the tree and thinning fruiting spurs.

    The RHS book on fruit is a really good guide to pruning most types of fruit.

  • why my Red Robin which is standard is dying after 2 years Growth?

    please advice I am heart broken, as they cost a lot of mon ey

    thank you.EB

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