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Frogs out of hibernation

9pm 10th Jan 2012 Northants. There are several frogs sitting on top of the pond. Isn't this way too early for them to be out of hibernation? They didn't disappear until end of November!


  • happymarionhappymarion Posts: 4,591

    I dont know when mine usuakky come out of hibernation but they start mating in Bristol usually about Feb.6th unless we have a severe winter like the last two.  Presumably prior to mating they are feeding themselves up to be fighting fit for the melee for a couple of weeks so I would normally expect to see them around the middle of January.

  • Hi Madpinkflamingo, frogs don't technically hibernate, but enter a state of torpor, so if it's mild, they'll quite happily pop out and forage for food. I expect yours disappeared again once the cold weather returned?


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