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dwarf buddleia

I bought 3 dwarf buddleia this summer and planted them in pots on my patio. What do I do with them now it is getting colder? Are they hardy enough to stay where they are or do I need to protect them in some way? Any help would be appreciated, thanks


  • nutcutletnutcutlet PeterboroughPosts: 26,107

    Buddleia are pretty hardy, I put things right up against the house if I have any doubts. Make sure your pots are hardy. I've lost more pots than plants in the past. 

  • I bought two dward buddleia last year. When they finished flowering I cut thwm back (and used some of the cuttings to try to propagate new plants) I had roughly 40% success and was able to pass a few of the new plants to friemds) I hope to try again this year with perhaps a larger per cent of success.
  • thanks for the responses; cutting them back sounds like a good idea - should I do this now and how much should I cut back?

  • Hi NoviceGardener2, As with any Buddleja it is important to wait until the spring to carry out any heavy pruning. For now, only take off the dead flowers and leave them well alone, come spring prune them as hard as you like, ensuring you prune to a small shoot and dont leave any stems bare of foliage. 

    Hope this helps.


  • Thanks Mattbonsai1 that's very helpful, will take your advice

  • I cut back my patio buddleja atthe end of the flowering and put about a dozen cuttings in a large pot of compost. Left them alone all winter and lo and behold the following spring several of themhad rooted and with care and attention they grew and flowered this year. Maybe beginners luck?
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